In a recent study by the Tax Foundation in Washington DC, Westchester County NY suffered the dubious distinction of ranking 1st out of 1,800 counties nationwide in median property taxes paid and 7th in property taxes paid as a percentage of income. Even New York County ranked way down at 66th and 558th respectively in these categories.

Obviously, something is terribly wrong in Westchester County.

As if this news isn’t bad enough, most communities in Westchester County haven’t conducted a property assessment revaluation in decades. So not only are you paying the highest property taxes in the Country, but you are probably paying more than your fair share of those taxes. Why you ask? The reason is over-assessment.

RMA Consulting is a Westchester County based company that specializes in reducing residential property taxes by protesting the assessed value of your home. By lowering your home’s assessed value, your taxes will be reduced for years. If, after careful research we determine that your home has been assessed too high, we will take care of everything necessary to appeal your assessment. If we do not succeed in lowering your property assessment and correspondingly your taxes, you owe us nothing!

How Your Property Taxes are Calculated:

Assessed Value of Your Home multiplied by the Tax Rate = Your Property Taxes

If you remember a little of your High School Algebra you can see that you can lower your taxes by either reducing your Assessed Value as established by your local Tax Assessor or by reducing your tax rate as established by your Village, Town, City, Westchester County and your School District.

What we do at RMA Consulting is work to reduce your Assessed Value, since we can’t keep your local governments from spending too much.

Taking the Hassle Out of Assessment Reduction

If you’re like most people, you’ve thought about doing something about reducing your assessment but have been intimidated and confused by the process. Maybe you just retired and are on a fixed income, recently lost your job, or are trying to sell your home or buy new one and the amount of property taxes you pay has become an obstacle. On the other hand, perhaps you’re just fed up with paying more than your fair share of the property tax burden. At RMA Consulting, we’re here to help.

First, we compile critical information about your home and compare it to the property record information at the Assessor’s Office to determine if there are any discrepancies. Next, with the aid of our enormous database of property inventory and sales information and use of our state-of-the-art custom valuation program, we are be able to quickly determine whether or not your property is over-assessed. With this information, we can prepare the formal complaint necessary to appeal or "Grieve" you tax assessment. This appeal goes to your local Board of Assessment Review (BAR) for review. The BAR then conducts a hearing at which we will appear as your representative and argue your case. After this administrative hearing, the BAR will issue a determination. If the determination does not lower your assessment, we have attorneys prepare a formal complaint to appeal the BAR determination to a judicial hearing officer. At this hearing, we will again appear on your behalf and argue your case. Essentially, this is a second bite at the apple.

Throughout this process, we will be meeting with your local Tax Assessor and attempting to settle your case.

Know Your Rights!

It is important to note that under New York State law the Board of Assessment Review (BAR) cannot increase your assessment as a result of this process.

At RMA Consulting, our goal is to minimize your property tax expense through our understanding of the local real estate markets and our expertise in the property valuation, property tax review, and the property tax appeal processes.




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